The next Cressy Cane will be held from Friday 17th April to Sunday 19th April, 2020

We have some very exciting news. We are pleased to confirm the dates above for next years Cressy Cane and that our Japanese guests  Naoto Shibuya and Tomonori 'Bill' Higashi have accepted our invitation to attend. 

Cressy Cane will run from the 17th to the 19th of April, 2020, with an additional Japanese LDL Technique Master Class on Monday the 20the of April.

The planning for the program has commenced and here are a few of the reasons to come to Cressy in April.

The beautiful full action  style rods and LDL technique will  form the basis for the gathering. Understanding the mechanics of these rods and the casting methodology will take your own casting (and fishing)  to a new level and also challenge some of your own rod building ideas. 
We will contrast /compare some of the Madake Cane rods and the applications for Australian rod tapers. 

Naoto will demonstrate the ancient Urushi lacquer application that he believes is the best varnish finish in the world.

Naoto and Bill will demonstrate and teach  the LDL technique on the river. 

Peter Hayes and Bill Higashi are both Master Casters and will conduct probing and educational practical sessions. Nick T is flying in from New Zealand to help and Chef Jen will keep us happy and incredibly well fed. 

2020 Original Draft Program

You are able to reserve a place for Cressy Cane 2020  here -

There is a brief biography of Naoto and Bill below. 

Naoto Shibuya

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Naoto is perhaps the worlds leading exponent of the Japanese LDL ( Long Drift Leader ) technique and has developed rods that are suitable for the technique. These full actioned rods have been based on the Paul Young 'Perfectionist' and form part of a system that allows accurate fly delivery with  20 foot leaders across tumbling mountain streams without any drag. Unbelievable but true !
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Tomonori "Bill" Higashi

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Bill is at the forefront of rod and tackle development in Japan - a Mastercaster and recipient of the 2017 Mel Kreiger award for Casting Instruction. He will participate, present and most importantly translate for Naoto. 
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